Finding Beautiful: How the Search for Beauty Leads Us into the Wonder of God

Finding Beautiful: How the Search for Beauty Leads Us into the Wonder of God

Beauty . . . Have you ever marveled at all the ways we use that word? We use it to describe everything from sunsets and art to aisles and cosmetics at the local department store. Beauty is often equated with little more than an opinion or industry. Think about it, from early on we were taught: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But what if it isn’t. What if we have lost something of its purpose when we make beauty commonplace, mundane, ordinary? What if beauty was meant to be more, so much more in fact that it was actually created to lead us into a life filled with wonder, authenticity, and truth? Perhaps beauty, rightly understood, has the capacity to draw us deeper into our connections with one another in our journey of faith. In Finding Beautiful, Matthew Miller leads us on the path to this mysterious and remarkable truth we call beauty. Through a series of reflections, readers are left with the sense that beauty was meant for more than opinions and ever-changing cultural trends. Rather, beauty very well may be what connects us all to God’s deeper purpose in creation. As you endeavor on this search, Matthew reminds us that beauty is a challenge, constantly urging us to live beyond our borders. He writes: “May you take on the call to bring the beauty of God into the ashes of a chaotic world for the world yearns for such bravery.”

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