Dear Sisters: Twelve Ways to Grow Authentic Community with Sisters in Christ

For us women, life can be a rush. Between working hard and taking care of our families, it is easy to lose connection with our sisters in Christ. And yet, these sisterly bonds provide the fertile soil needed for depth and growth in our life of faith. How can we maintain our everyday responsibilities while strengthening these connections with our sisters? In Dear Sisters, Kaye Mayes develops twelve Biblical principles that lead to authenticity in your interactions with other women as well as growth for your community of sisters. Kaye writes “We are indeed sisters as God has adopted us into His family of believers and we are all siblings, not to be in rivalry, but to work together for the good of our Father to do His will. Who is our sister? Any woman who is also a child of God; an heir of righteousness through His Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As my sister, I would love to get to know you.” This book is a conversation meant to stir sisters in Christ to greater faithfulness to God and one another. If you apply these twelve principles to your weekly journey, you will find deeper community and greater love as you grow into what it means to be a Dear Sister.

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